Hi Guys

New to Palm having come from a Nokia N70. Paired it with my PC using Vista and the Mobility Center, not very easy and certainly not very intuitive but ok, done and working. Next paired it with a Nokia Headset HS-26W, again only when I connected the Bluetooth on the Treo and THEN the headset did Treo recognize it and accept it. Any attempts at having Treo search for it were useless. Now, took it to my car and sweated it for 30 minutes to no avail. it simply will not find it. I deleted two pairings I had on the Parrot CK3100 hoping it was this that was maybe conflicting with it but nothing. Went to the Parrot userguide and site and nothing. Same goes for the Treo userguide You guys are my last chance. Im probably doing something wrong for sure. Help, please!!