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    Ok i used to have a treo 700wx till about 2 days ago then i went over to the dark side and switched to the htc 6800 (sprint mogul)
    anyway i went to start installing my programs and i tried to put on xcpuscalar. However the phone has other plans it installs fine but then when you click it it just freezez your whole phone over...
    I asked on the wmexperts forum about it... noone responded being as it worked on my treo like a charm and wont work here i figured id ask you guys....
    Thanx amillion
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    The Mogul runs WM6, the Treo is WM5. The app you're using might not work on WM6. Check and see if there is an update for it.
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    the mogule is the same as the tmo wing I used batter status to over clock it don't go beyond 320 or 420 u will brick ur phone
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    what is batter status. i just ordered a mogul today i should have it wednesday. i have heard of overclocking a PC but i did not know you can do it on a phone. does it really speed the mogul up? and how is it done.
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    you might want to try and post in the mogul forum...

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