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    I recently got a Treo 750 and at first loaded live search/google maps from a recommendation and they worked great. Somehow, in the last month or so, something has changed (no doubt it was probably my fault). Now, I still have connectivity to the internet through IE and also get my email just fine, but for what ever reason the mapping programs tell me there's no data connection. I have cleared all programs off that I put on in hopes to correct the problem, but no luck. Looking on the internet, I've seen people with similar problems with these ATT phones. Anyone have a solution?
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    Did you try removing the program and install it again?
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    Just guessing but it sounds like an ATT Proxy issue. Try disabling the proxy and see if it fixes the data connection.
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    Yes, I have tried disabling the proxy through the proxy manager and when I do that their is no data connectivity at all. I thought it might be that as well. The first time the problem arose, when I when to manage connections, I had a tab that said proxy settings, and when I unchecked the box that said to use a proxy to connect to the internet, the problem went away. Now that tab is gone.

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