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    Hi All,
    New to this forum, but ended up here after days of googling. Unfortunately my 1st post is asking for help.
    I am in the UK and have a Treo 750v (unlocked, running on Orange or o2. I have two sim cards to swap) and cannot get any sound through the earpiece on a call. My caller can hear me, but I cannot hear them.
    I have tried soft and hard resets, but to no avail. I am running WM 5 on the Treo.
    I have considered an upgrade to WM6, but there is a warning that TomTom will not run under WM6.
    The reason I got the Treo was to replace my Tungsten T5 (which runs TomTom Navigator 5) and my normal phone, to save me carrying two boxes.
    I have also read that there is an issue with the headphone jack, that can switch off the earpiece, perhaps this is my problem. I do not have the headset as the unit is secondhand.
    A side effect is that the camera does not function. I have read all I can on this, but not found a solution.
    Am I alone with this problem or is there a common fix?
    I intend to get a 2.5 to 3.5 jack converter tomorrow and see if this will release a sticking switch in the unit.
    I would be grateful for any advice.
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    Welcome Gearbox. Sorry your having problems. I hope we can help.

    First off, if you're running WM5, you need to load the audio patch from palm to correct the sound driver issues. (WM6 is already patched) Just look on the Palm site in the download section for the 750.

    This bug can cause a loss of sound in various scenarios.

    If that does not correct the issue, then your earpiece may have a loose connection. The way I understand it, the speaker in the earpiece is connected by a couple of metal tabs. Sometimes the tabs can become a bit stretched out and lose the connection to the earpiece. (Often the result of the unit having been dropped.) You can disassemble the unit and bend the tabs back to fix the issue.

    Check this thread for a bit more detail.
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    Thanks for the reply and the welcome.
    I have tried to download that patch from the europalm site but the page cannot be displayed!!
    Do you know of a different link?
    I have tried inserting and removing a 2.5mm jack, but without success. The speakerphone works well as does a bluetooth headset. I'll have another go on the palm euro site and failing that try an internet search.
    Thanks again
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    I see why. I just checked the Euro Palm site and the links to that software are referencing a webserver with IP All IPs begining with 10 are local only and not routable from the outside world.

    Way to go Palm.

    The layout on the euro version site sucks too.

    Here's the link to the US support. Although the 750v is a slightly different device, this updates should be fundamentally the same.

    Good Luck!

    FYI: In cases of an audio driver issue, the device will usually act normally immediately following a reboot. If the sound NEVER works on the earpiece, it's probably a hardware issue. Still worth loading the audio patch though, or it might not ring when you get a call.
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    Had another go at the europalm site and failed again. Just tried to contact them. links go around in circles to avoid getting any complaints I guess.
    Anyway filled in the survey, perhaps I may get a reply that way, but I doubt it.
    Have Palm always been so bad at customer relations?
    Back to the subject, I will give the AT and T download a go and see if this cures the problem
    Thanks for your help
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    Tried the AT&T file but it would not load as it was not applicable to my device. Looks like I need the palm Europe file.
    If it is possible to email them via their site, I will do so, but I don't hold out much hope
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    Sorry to hear that. The 750v and 750 apparently have greater differences that I had realized.

    If you can get the download for the WM6 update to work, it would include the audio patch. Plus you'd get an OS upgrade.
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    Latest update, a two pronged approach. I tried the 'bend the speaker tags' approach and got quiet sould. I turned up the volume and the sound dissapeared.
    I also got a UK download link from Palm Technical. Loaded the update and nothing. tried the tag thing again and cleaned the contacts, but still failed. I still do not have a functioning earpiece or camera.
    Would update to WM6, but understand that this would prevent TomTom 6 from working. Is this true? If not I will try the update
    Thanks again
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    It doesn't sound like an OS issue at this point. If it had been, the sound update would have fixed it.

    The fact that you got "quiet sound" after playing with the connections speaks to a hardware issue. You could have a bad speaker, or it could be something on the main board.

    Aside from problems on your main board, none of the other issues should affect camera operation.

    Was this a used device? Or has it been dropped recently? If it was a refurb or new, perhaps it still has some warranty.
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    Picked it up second hand. It was working when I got it, but the speaker then stopped working. Had read somewhere that the sound loss was usually accompanied by a camera failure.
    I had the camera work once, but not since.
    I also read that the headphone jack could cause similar problems.
    I may have to take it apart again and check if the speaker has continuity through the speaker coil. Maybe. I had best look for a broken treo and see if I can make one out of the two
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    Tomtom 6 will definately work on a Treo 750 with WM6. I was like you, heard rumours that it wouldn't work so I put off updating from WM5 to WM6. Then I found someone who had it working and I upgraded to WM6 immediately. The problem with the card not being recognised is gone. It is certainly worth the upgrade and by the sounds of your speaker problem I would be upgrading just to make sure it is a hardware problem not a software one
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    WM 6 installed. Update went like a dream. Need to reload TomTom to see if it will still work.
    Unfortunately still no earpiece sound or camera. Will a 700 speaker fit?
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    Not sure. The guy in the link I referenced in post #2 used a 650 speaker and said it worked great. Good chance it's the same speaker, but I can't say for sure.
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    Still messing with the Treo. No luck so far. I emailed a seller who told me that the 700 speaker does not fit. Any idea where I could get a 750 speaker? Been trawling Ebay for a while, but no luck there.
    Suggestions welcome
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    Again, the 650 speaker apparently fits. You'll probably have better luck finding 650 parts.
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    Managed to pick up a Treo with a broken screen. Swapped my good screen onto the other unit and everything works, except the camera. Maybe I have to read around this as it could be operator error.
    However, I am not too bothered about the camera as it is such a low resolution.
    Hopefully sorted, I have put in my proper sim, loaded Tom Tom (just got to test this) and I am a happy bunny.
    Thanks for all the help. I now have most of a spare Treo just in case


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