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    Hi All,

    Does anyone know how to suppress the annoying Wi-Fi warniing message that pops up whenever I turn my phone on and have a wifi card in the SDIO slot?

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    I spent a long time trying to deal with this and the closest I got was being able to disable the card while it was inserted through a registry edit. Then, when I needed to use it, I would pop the card out, change the regkey back, then pop the card in. I'd get the warning message once, then I'd be able to surf away.

    I use the Spectec 802.11b SWD-820

    Here's the mort script I use. (which will also show where in the registry to screw around with if you're up for it)

    If (Question("WiFi On?", "", "YesNo"))
    If (RegKeyExists ("HKLM", "\Drivers\SDCARD\ClientDrivers\Custom\MANF-02FE-CARDID-2128-FUNC-1"))
    RegWriteString ("HKLM", "Drivers\SDCARD\ClientDrivers\Custom\MANF-02FE-CARDID-2128-FUNC-1", "Dll", "WLAN11b.dll")
    If (RegKeyExists ("HKLM", "\Drivers\SDCARD\ClientDrivers\Custom\MANF-02FE-CARDID-2128-FUNC-1"))
    RegWriteString ("HKLM", "Drivers\SDCARD\ClientDrivers\Custom\MANF-02FE-CARDID-2128-FUNC-1", "Dll", "PegasSDN.dll")
    There are 3 MANF- folders, two referencing the PegasSDN.dll driver, the third referenced my wifi card. So by forcing the wifi key to reference a different driver it basiclly just acts like nothing is in the slot. (the PegasSDN driver was there from the get go. I imagine it's what drives a regular storage card.)

    Probably not the best solution, but it did the job for me.
    I'd still really love to see a real solution to this.

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