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    Is there anyway to set the email up not to download attachments?

    I have a friend that has another WM device and he said to set the email up to not download attachments but I can not find anywhere to do this on the treo.
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    Mine came that way by default... It only downloads attachments when I tell it to. Of course, I use Exchange ActiveSync. I don't know if it will work the same way with other email accounts.
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    I dont usually bump threads but I can not believe no one else as had this problem and not found a hack for it.

    A lot of times it locks the phone up downloading large attachments.
    Thanks in advance.
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    sorry u shudnt of bumped it I tend to only read threads with one reply or less...

    ne who the treo doesn't download email attachments automatically u will get an icon telln u have an attachment but that doesn't mean it download it... ps the other thing u can do is go to the email account hitting the menu soft key then going to delivery preferences filter un the second option is u can limit how much u want to download of the message
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