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    I'm really tired of searching for a way to make our pocket msn/hotmail work. I personally don't use it, but I just reset a friends 700wx, and did the 1.15 update hoping it would fix something.

    Pocket MSN is very unreliable. Half the time, it can't even log in. "annoying butterfly" is the start of many threads I've found. These threads are always a couple of lines long....and no resolution. When it does work, it gets partial messages, and won't get attachments (even though the settings say to get full message).

    Is pocket msn incompatable w/ threaded txt messaging?

    Does anyone know how to make it work? Or a better way for my friend to get her hotmail?

    I found this app, called SEVEN beta. Seems to push hotmail really quick. Just seems like overkill 6 mb.
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    Does Windows Live work on the 700wx, or does that conflict with the Pocket MSN?
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    The SEVEN beta seems to be working very well. I now have it set for hotmail, yahoo, and a comcast pop account. There's definitely a little lag at times, but it's not that bad.

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