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    Many times the caller can't hear me but I hear them. Random, goes for days then hiccups. Any thoughts.
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    Have you ever used a corded hands-free device, or headphones plugged in the WX? Unfortunatly a fre Treo models are known to have flukey (at best) jacks in them, after you use a plug-in headset, you start having problems like your having. The device is acting like your still plugged in. You can either wait it out, plug in another jack, wiggle it a bit, and pull it out fast, or take it to your service center and see if they will replace it. I had this happen to me, and had my device I use BT and avoid cords at ALL costs LOL!!!!

    Hope this helps!!
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    I have never used any plug in cords. I bought the phone on Ebay. Worked great as advertised until the last 2-3 weeks. I know other Treo users have the same problem. Other suggestions welcome. Thank You.
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    did you check that you are not pressing the 'mute' button on the screen (while on a call)???

    this has happened to me several times... when it happens now, I usually need to... simply un-mute the phone...

    I guess my ear has a habit to get in the way...
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    I had the same problem. The Mic had a short and ultimately died. Sprint replaced the unit.
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    hey i have the same problem with my phone too, i dont know what the issue is cause i bought it off of ebay as well. the only way i know to fix the issue is whenever you call out or get an incoming call... shake it or wave it around like a stupid *** and it'll pick up and you can talk through it. i've been having to do that all the time. sometimes if im in bad service the phone will only let me hear too. I dont know if this is any help but that's my only way of fixing the issue.
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    Has anybody ever figured this one out mine does it intermittent switch to speaker phone they hear me fine. Seems to be mostly on outgoing calls
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    What carrier and release are you on? If still on WM5, Palm has an update for an audio issue with the 700w/wx. I thought it was only when call waiting was used, but this is the issue, the caller can't hear you. If you are on WM5, it's worth making sure you have it installed.
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    Running the verizom WM 6 roms. I did a hard reset and no problems so far today maybe just a software issue

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