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    Our f-ing corporate IT department recently disabled ActiveSync in favor of the Blackberry racket. I can not stand Blackberry's. I have been using Xpress Mail on AT&T but we have some other people in our office that don't have AT&T but have Windows Mobile PLUS I live and die by Outlook tasks and Xpress Mail does not sync tasks - just contacts, calendar, and mail.

    Does anyone here have a workaround/hack for getting around ActiveSync? I was thinking I could run a headless computer in my office with Outlook that syncs to a hosted Exchange server? I guess the problem would be in sending e-mail?

    Does anyone know of a desktop redirector that syncs tasks too?

    Thanks a million.

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    Man, that makes NO sense. We have a mix of Blackberry and WindowsMobile, mainly because we got into BB early on before MS had pushmail.

    If they want to go all BB, that's fine, but why disable MS Mobile users?

    All that redirector crap is really BB centric, since they are the ones that needed workarounds since they're NOT Microsoft.

    You mention expressmail. I've never used that and am unfamiliar.

    Does your corporate exchange have Outlook Web Access? As in, a web site you can go to from outside to check your mail? Ex:

    If so, then you should be good to go. Activesync uses the Web Access site for pushmail. Just open Activesync on your device and go into "configure server", point to your webaccess site and put in your username and password.

    Otherwise you're stuck syncing with a local PC with no live mail.

    What kinda dummy would run BlackBerry, but kill their webaccess?
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    Thanks for the response. Our IT guys are idiots and only support Blackberry 8800's now. We aren't suppose to be able to sync with WM because it is not a support device and "corporate policy" states that we can't get mobile anything unless it is a company owned device. I am using my personal Treo 750. As I said, out IT guys are idiots.

    We do have OWA and I have been using ActiveSync for 18 months without a problem until they shuffled some Exchange servers and now I get a security certificate error when I try to sync. I can't call IT support regarding this because we aren't supposed to be syncing. OWA continues to work though.

    I have confirmed with Seven that Xpressmail does not sync with Tasks.
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    Have you tried unchecking the SSL box in the server setup? It's a shot in the dark but may get you going.
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    Yep - I tried no SSL and it didn't work either :-(

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