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    I've downloaded the installation file from the Opera website, but it's a .jad file and my phone doesn't know what to do with it. Does that mean that I need to install a Java program? If so, where can I get one? Thanks.
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    not to b an arse but did u search the form before u posted.... No page 2 or 3 list the opera cab file for install.

    if you still cant find it post back
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    Yes, I've searched, and I've found references to the .cab file, but I haven't found it.
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    Are you trying to install Opera Mini or Opera Mobile (v8.65)

    For Opera Mini please see

    For Opera Mobile just download the .cab file at

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    Step #1 on your PC, download the Jbed MIDlet Manager HERE

    Step #2 on your PC, transfer the file to your Treo

    Step #3 on your Treo, install

    Step #3 on your Treo, enter the address
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