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    I downloaded and installed Weatherpanel, but I can't find it anywhere. I've looked in Programs, Settings|Today|Items, and I can can the Weatherpanel directory in Program Files, but there is nothing to launch the application. Anyone know what to do?
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    Weird. It should automatically start as a today pluggin. Do you have Spb shell or WAD or someother today screen replacement running?

    You should find WP listed in your list of Today pluggins at Start>Settings>Personal Tab>Today>Items Tab.....IF it is not on the list, I would check the Remove Programs panel and remove and reinstall??????If not in remove list, then just reinstall.
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    I removed and reinstalled it twice before and it did not work, but I did it again this evening and now it's there. Thanks.
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    You're welcome. Sometimes it helps to have your ie cache cleaned out before you install so you have lots of storage space available for extracting the cab and installing the app. dunno

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