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    First time posting here, and in need of help
    I have searched and searched but can't find a clear answer...I have a treo 650 on Cellular One and would like to purchase an unlocked 750. Will my current gsm sim card in the 650 work in the 750. My local area does not support 3G, so im not concerned about that, but I have read that there were problems using the phone and certain features when putting a "regular" gsm sim card in to a 3G phone.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    It should work - at most you'll need to configure the data connection settings for your carrier.
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    I can't recall seeing any posts regarding issues like this in the past few months either here or on everythingtreo forums, nor have I tried this myself.

    Having said all that, in theory it should work.

    Also, seeing as how my Treo can go between 3G and EDGE with no changes needed, all the network settings should be the same. You just wouldn't be able to connect via 3G.

    Absolute worst case scenario would be having to get a 3G sim from Cellular One.
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    Ys, Unforteunately cell one does not offer th 3g cards, becuase they dont support ATT phones (even though they were boght by att!). And ATT dealer wont sell me a 3g card unless I "upgrade" to a new att account. But my plan with cell one is phenomenal and I need the unlimited minutes. A friend will be getting the 750, and I'll try my card in his phone, so we'll see.
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    Hmm... A bit more searching found this:

    Specifically, the first paragraph on that page:

    Once you pull out the battery you will see the SIM slot for the Palm Treo 750. Existing Cingular customers should note that non 64k SIM's in this device will cause problems locking in towers. The main differences are where a 32k SIM card could only hold the "network identifiers" for about 33 networks, the 64K SIMS can hold 80 "network identifiers" What does this mean to you? That your SIM can use more networks that it could before. However you will most likely only notice this if you leave the United States. Also during our conversation with Cingular it is mandatory that you upgrade your SIM to the new 3G Sim cards. If for some reason you are a new customer and purchasing the Treo 750 and they don't give you the 64k SIM make sure you speak to a manager and demand it.
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