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    I recently purchased a Treo 700wx from online and connected it to Verizon.
    I love the data connections, but the phone reception just suxs terribly. I have been to several Verizon stores asking for help and have basically wasted my time.

    Does anyone know if there is some type of diagnostic program I can used to check my Treo to make sure all components work correctly?

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    as far as fixing your reception... no but call verzion tell them u want to do a prl update... ur phone might have outdated tower information in it.
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    Is the update I beleive ytou are telling me to do.
    I have done this several times in each of the cities I have visited. Still lousy reception.
    I called Verizon once saw your reply and found that it was indeed the update I had been doing.
    However, the person I was speaking with said that Palm may have a diagnostic type program, when I pressed him for more info, he began backtracking as if he had said something he was not supposed to.

    The search continues.....

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