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    I have treo 750 with WM6 and trying to sync my lotus notes 6.5.5 calendar using mnotes ver3.0.6 and Active sync 4.5 with no success. During mnotes installation, the only device options I have are PPC 2k2,2k3 or something else, but i forgot. It sure wasn't a Treo 750.
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    Sounds like it wants to know what OS your device is running. By the list you gave, it looks a few years out of date.

    PPC = Pocket PC, meaning the OS referenced is the "pro" version (touchscreen devices), not the stripped down SE (smartphone edition). Your Treo 750 is a PPC running Windows Mobile 6 Pro.

    So your talking about Windows Mobile 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003, both of which were predecessors to WM5. (I believe there was also a 2002 second edition in there somewhere too.) And of course, now we're on WM6.

    So this is kinda like loading something that claims it's compatible with Win95 and Win2000 on your Vista box and wondering why it doesn't work.

    Unless you can find an updated copy, I wouldn't spend too long trying to make it fly.
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