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    Email Triage, what a great name.

    Ever receive an email from your boss who has requested you come to a meeting at a certain time? Only problem is, the boss does not use the outlook appointments with email invites he just sends an email.

    If only you could convert that email with subject line directly to a pocket outlook appointment.

    Check this out:

    Using this WM5 or WM6 Email Triage program you can convert an email to an appointment or task. And next delete the email from you inbox. This helps you get to the goal of a zero count inbox.

    Flexmail claims to offer this same feature and then when it does not work you are roped into buying Pocket Informant as well.

    Seems like a simple feature that should be native. At least we are saved by the fans.

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    Neat. But the link you gave doesn't provide anything to download, just summarizes the code. I had to dig a couple links deeper into his articles to find where to download it.

    Once installed, this extension adds a new menu item to the Outlook Moblile inboxes on Windows Mobile PDAs.

    The extension adds two new menu items to Outlook Mobile: "Move to Tasks" and "Move to Calendar".

    The new menu items create new task list or calendar items and copy the email information (sender name and contact details, subject, body, etc.) into it. The new item is opened in a form for making any edits or additional notes.

    The menu items work on all Outlook accounts: Outlook, POP3/IMAP email accounts and SMS Text Messages.
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    I wish Palm OS had a program like this.
    Thier are several work arounds, but not this.
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