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    According to Treo 750 specs, it has no GPS. but i saw a GPS icon on 750's menu.

    Question is: Is there a hardware add-ons selling in the market making 750 GPS capable?

    If so, pls post the url of the store where i can purchase the product.

    Thanks in advance!
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    There is many external GPS on market that work with Treo 750. Thus I don't want to spend big bucks on one, I bougth this one Holux M1000 32 ch Bluetooth GPS receiver
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    The GPS icons are generic to WM6. You can find tons of add ons. Just do a google search for "Bluetooth GPS" or take a quick look here:
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    Try Spectec. They make the GPS reciever that works with Google Maps
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    I was lucky to get an iGuidance software pre-installed by the seller. So all I added was the Freedom Keychain 2000. So far I am pretty happy with it. If I don't want the TTS and just want mapping directions, Google maps works wonderfully with the 750 with or without the GPS receiver. Although I would say I do use the GPS reciever as much with Google maps.
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    I am using a GlobalTop G33 BT GPS (51 Channel) with Google maps and together they do well. It took every bit of 3 minutes to setup, the hardest part was the pairing! Just do a google search!
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