I would like to install a wired hands-free kit in my car. Bluetooth works fine, but I want better reception I get in rural areas when I have an external antenna attached. According to the Palm web site, the wired hands-free kit for the Treo 680 will work with the 750, but only the unlocked model, not the AT&T locked version. I had assumed that there were no hardware differences between the locked and unlocked versions, but I don't understand how being locked to a single carrier can prevent a hands-free kit from working. Neither the hardware nor software changes significantly by simply entering an unlock code, so there must be something else going on!

I don't want to put out the cash for the car kit if it's not going to work with my phone. Does anyone have any experience with this? Did anything change with the new WM6 update? Does this same restriction apply to the THB Bury UNI CarTalk kit?