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    Hi - I'm very new and need some help broken down into language a 10 year old can follow
    I have a treo 700wx from Verizon. After reading this forum I have purchased and installed SPB Pocket Plus and Mobile Shell, as well as Sprite Backup and SPB Brain Evolution. I have SBSH Pocket Weather too. My question is, I want to integrate Pocket Plus and Mobile Shell to get the best of both, but I am out in left field on how to do this.
    Any help will be very much appreciated. Remember now, I am a 40something with the tech skills of a peanut butter sandwich!!

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    I also am running PocketPlus and Mobile Shell on a 700WX (VZW). A good place to start is @, the creators of those two fine programs. There you'll find the user manuals for the programs in .pdf format. This will give you an idea of what the programs can do and how to do some basic configuration. Mobile Shell creates a quick view screen (called the Now screen) which shows local weather, time, calender, missed calls, SMS, and emails. Pocket Plus lets you organize your Today screen by organizing stuff into tabs. I have a weather tab, time tab (allows for 3 different time locations and alarms), a home tab ( I put my most frequently accessed programs under this one), a tab which lists the last 12 accessed programs, and a photo dial tab which allows for up to 5 most frequently dialed numbers, with pix if you like. Pocket Plus also does a number of things in the background. It provides support for .zip files (zipping files is common when you want you compact a large file to easily email it. A number of third party apps for the Treo are set up as .zip files), provides a registry editor, although reg hacks (internal tweaks which improve perfomance in some way) may not be something you want to do until you've advanced from a peanut butter sandwich, to say, a lasagna...LOL . A feature that Pocket Plus provides that helps your Treo's performance is one that actually closes programs when you tap the "X." WM5 really only minimizes programs when you "X" out of them. The program is still running in the background, eating up memory and battery power.

    As a side note, I would suggest purchasing MemMaid. This is a memory cleaner, for lack of a better description. Over time, your Treo's memory becomes fragmented which causes perfomance to suffer (this is really hard to write after 2 martinis...). MemMaid reorganizes the memory, much as a defrag does on a PC.

    Hope this rambling answers some questions.....
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    Hey, thanks GeekCop. You have been so helpful. I downloaded the user manuals and have been checking out the Spb help areas and I think I may be a lasagna soon! The more I play with the programs, the more familiar I am getting. I appreciate your assistance sir.


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