Why settle for mere headlines or summaries?

You may now have full access to complete, full-text articles from your favorite sources any time, anywhere, on any device.

mDigger is a service that lets you choose content form your favorite websites and access it any time on mobile phones, computers, and any of your Internet-enabled devices. It continuously extracts what you need (text, images, podcasts, RSS feeds) from any Web source, and filters out the rest. You get immediate access to new content from all of your favorite sources at once, and can share it with others. mDigger formats content to be compatible with the device it is used on. That means that itʼs just as easy to view it on a mobile phone as it is on a computer.

Recently, mDigger added support for full-text RSS feeds from blogspot.com and blogger.com. Now, even if the RSS contains only short summaries, mDigger downloads entire articles on your device for off-line reading.

mDigger combines the best features of web clipping services, content aggregators, information sharing tools and RSS readers into one unique product tailored for mobile device users.

mDigger is free to use at www.mdigger.com.