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    I just got a new laptop and want to sync my treo 750 with the laptop to "import" all my contacts off the treo into my outlook onto the laptop.


    The laptop has Vista, so I have already d/l from microsoft the Win Mob Device Center 6.1

    I can now hook up the treo to the laptop and the laptop can "see" the treo via Wind Mob Dev Ctr 6.1. But, NOW WHAT??? There is nowhere I see to set the settings in the Device Center on the laptop to basically 'import' contacts from device. Do I have to set a setting somewhere on the laptop that will overwrite to the laptop, instead of overwriting the device (treo)????

    Any help greatly appreciated!!!
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    You need to set up the relationship to sync with outlook.

    I'm not sure how this is done in WMDC.

    Make sure you also specify that the device should overwrite if there is conflict (at least for the first sync) to make sure they get copied TO the laptop.

    Or you could just move all your .pst files from your old machine to your new one.
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