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    I need to upgrade to a new browser as there are a few websites I visit now that the built in IE on my 1.15 phone cannot render properly.

    I tried Opera Mini and I didn't like it. It made my phone very sluggish overall as I tend to listen to music frequently with my phone in the background while I browse. My phone slowed to a crawl with Opera.

    Is there a decent browser out there (preferably free) that works better than the built in IE and doesn't slow down the phone? Thanks in advance.
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    Tried them all and IMO the best one by far is the Stock PIE the Treo comes with .. with a little tweaking you can it fast.. and its no 3rd party App.. 2nd i would go with PIE Plus...
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    Thank you for the PIE Plus suggestion. I installed it. At first I had the same issue. I have a forum that I go to that for some reason when I put in my username and password it constantly says invalid username or password (when I know I am putting in the correct info).

    Well I went into PIE plus options and selected User Agent then I selected IE6.0 and tried my username+password again and it worked.

    So perhaps this would be a nice little work around for me. Anything else thats good with this particular program?
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    PIEPlus is VERY good, but still doesn't compare to Mini. Make sure you have Mini running with the Esmertec Jbed JVM. No delay.
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