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    Hi guys,

    I recently upgraded my 700wx to the latest version. Re-installed my apps and now have the most annoying thing happening.

    In the today screen about every three seconds the multi-colored box with the circle in it (substitute for a windows hourglass?) appears and my phone is so lagged out I can get anything done.

    Has this happened to anyone? If so What did you do to fix it?

    When I soft-reset the phone, the problem will go away for awhile but if i keyguard the phone (option + end) when I turn the phone back on the problem is back.


    Dave G.
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    You may have an app that installed incorrectly, or just running wrong, see if you can go into the processes (sp) and see what is taking up memory, or something running that you don't know about or want running. If you can't detect anything, you may need to wipe it clear and start from scratch, checking along the way to make sure apps don't clash (maybe you have two things fighting to do the same thing!!

    Good luck!!
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    Well when I press alt+ ok there is nothing running.

    I only have about 3 apps installed.

    Pocket informant
    SPB Pocket Plus
    Core Player

    Is there another way to look to see if processes are running?


    Dave G.
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    Quite honestly, with ONLY those three apps, I don't know what could be doing that, but considering it is only three, I would definetly try a hard-reset and build from scratch! If you get the same results, I don't know what else to try....sorry!!

    Let us know how it goes!

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