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    When you pull the battery, THE SCREEN STAYS BURNED IN for over 10-20 seconds!

    This is the weirdest thing I ever saw.. I can tell when its happening.. it gets slower and slower and exven if I close everything it's lugging and slow..

    I yank the battery and watch the screen take 20 seconds to fade completly to black... The back light is not on of course...

    BTW, I have WM6 Official and I use VBAR to close apps.. That is pretty much the only 3rd party that runs all the time..

    So.. WTF?
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    I just pulled my battery to see if it does that same thing and it takes about 15 seconds to go to black, so that must be normal. I have no lockup issues with my Treo 750. You may want to start from scratch again and see if it is any application (like the VBAR) that you installed that is causing it. If it is still locking up on you without any apps installed then you need to have your Treo replaced.
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    I use PBar w/WM6, no problems

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