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    There is a Tom Tom nav 6 on Ebay for $120. Is that a fair price? Should I wait to get a better deal?
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    It's probably not an unreasonable price but check around. I've found that when I've thought I was getting a great deal on ebay it turns out that with some simple searching sometimes as simply as checking on Amazon and sometimes with a bit more effort I found that the deal wasn't as good as I originally thought. Examples would be if that tomtom you saw advertised was a refurb. When I was looking at gps units on there, I was looking at the tomtom go one which is going for about $120 plus $20 shipping give or take a few dollars in each area and I was thinking this was a great price. Then I checked amazon and found that I could get a brand new one one there for about the same price.

    Based on the opinions and my own research on the post I have on here farther down the page about standalone gps vs. using gps on my treo, I'm going the treo route but even if that's not an issue for you at least do yourself a favor and do a quick search. Also check cnet's reviews of the unit you like to see how it's overall quality is and price. This will give you better insight and only takes a sec.
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    There is a Tom Tom nav 6 on Ebay for $120. Is that a fair price? Should I wait to get a better deal?
    You can go to amazon or newegg and pick up a standalone unit for around that price (maybe even cheaper, depending on the deals). Then you don't have to spend anymore money... or go through much setup hassle.
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