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    So I switched to a Centro about 2 weeks ago but I have been reluctant to sell my 700wx. I really do need to try to sell this thing but I wanted to know what's a reasonable price. Right before I received my Centro, I had to get a replacement wx. They sent me the replacement and I used it for maybe 4 days. It will come with the manuals, charger, active sync cable, 2gb card, stylus, 2 extra stylus and of course the phone. How much should I sell this for?
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    I switched to a Centro.. I had it for less than 2 weeks before I went back to my 700wx.. I'm not a fan of the Palm OS and the buttons are way to small, and I couldn't see myself getting use to the keyboard...

    I did get offers of $200 for my 700wx when I was thinking about selling it.. thank god I didn't.
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    Yes at first I was angry and thought about going back. I have customized it to my liking. The buttons take some getting used to but I'm ok with them. You were offered 200? Did that include the memory card and extra stylus?
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    the stylest are free if you go to a sprint store storage card 2gig are like 40bucks from frys a brand new treo 700wx from sprint I think retails for 250 selln it for 200 is good price for a phone that's prob a referb.
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