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    When I use the treo to check my comcast email It takes about 1 minute to check as apposed to about 4 seconds for any other email account. Is there any way to speed this up.
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    Did you try the registry hack found here? Look at post #6 in particular.

    I added the hack some time ago because my Comcast was very slow. It worked for quite a while, but then it slowed down for several weeks for some reason. I had resigned myself to living with slow Comcast mail, but then it started working quickly again. As of right now, my Comast is very fast with the hack installed.
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    I had this problem MANY years ago on a Treo 300 I think, when Sprint changed their IP addresses that get assigned to the phones, where my personal email server would try to "reverse resolve" the IP that was connecting to it (the Treo), and Sprint's new IP range didn't reverse resolve, nor did it fail when my server tried, so my server would sit and timeout each time I tried to check my email from one of those addresses causing a huge delay each time.

    At first I just disabled the reverse resolving in my email server, but I wanted to have the reverse resolving in my server logs, so instead I just made my server think it was authorative for the PTR records for the new Sprint ranges (which timeout instantly) and this cured it.

    Of course, I had the luxury of having my own email server that I could run a sniffer on and ID the problem.

    No idea if this is your problem tho.
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    I authored a thread about this a few months ago. The hack no longer works. What I do now is set the email to check every 60 minutes instead of manually. Now I never kn.ow how long it takes. Either that or just deal with it.
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    No, my Comcast runs through in about four seconds right now, today. Maybe I've adjusted another setting that affects this without realizing it, but I do know for sure that it took a good minute or so before I found the hack on this site. It was slow for a while even with the hack, probably in January, then it took off again.
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    I just did the hack and it checks it in about 2 seconds now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulinbna View Post
    I just did the hack and it checks it in about 2 seconds now.
    Hello All,
    That's was me posting the Comcast mail hack at the other website . The hack worked flawlessly for a very long time since its introduction until an unknown reason that reverted everything back happened some time early January this year. However the unknown problem seems to resolve itself and the hack has been working fine now again for over a couple of months. I just checked my Comcast POP mail and completed the entire cycle within a few seconds. Hopefully the unknown problem will not come up again. Good luck!
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    hey guys have confirmed that this still works rather quickly but i've been having a problem with outgoing email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigPapaGato View Post
    hey guys have confirmed that this still works rather quickly but i've been having a problem with outgoing email.
    when I try to send a email it says SSL connection required.
    I would love to be able to fix this and still have the fast connection at the same time.
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