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    Have you ever noticed how two unrelated items can benefit each other.

    For the needy and curious WM Treo users.

    You can download a copy of Internet Explorer 6.1 and Office 2007 with OneNote Mobile here at the xda-developers thread for Shift modifications.

    I downloaded IE6.1 to the computer, unzipped and then copied to the storage card on the treo.

    Next using Resco Explorer I copied all of the IE6.1 files to the windows directory overwriting files in the rom. I ran the Cert file with IE6.1 and rebooted my Treo 750. IE6.1 now working.

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    just wondering what the advantage of having IE6.1
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    There are minor enhancements...

    Zoom outs, minor menu changes, slightly faster rendering...

    Just trying to spread the findings.

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    Hey guys, it is IEMobile 7.11 in Windows Mobile 6.1, do you mean this?

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