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    Was listening to some music with Mortplayer, suddenly the 750 became sluggish and unresponsive. I figured it was because of Mortplayer. After a reset and a battery removal (5 min) the screen still doesn't work. I also see small lines on the today screen. When switched on the 750's screen only works one time, one touch, and then it stops functioning.

    Any ideas would be welcome!
    This is my 2nd 750 after the first one had a defect with the light underneath the keyboard, i'd hate to go through all that hassle for a replacement again.
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    Any dirt, paper scrap or edge of a screen saver stuck between the frame and the screen 'creating' a touch?
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    If dirt . . . . . take 1/8th of an inch of a stiff piece of paper all the way around under the frame to dislodge it.
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    Going to try that now. I have a thin plastic card and i'm clearing the edges with it.

    Btw, i figured my problem was exclusive. But some extensive searches on "touchscreen" and "750" proved otherwise just now! There's a lot of people with exactly the same problem. Right down to the 1 touch responsiveness.

    No luck. It seems it works a bit when i have the battery removed for like 10 minutes. Then, after some time it stops functioning again.

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