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    Heh. I'm a Buffet fan.

    Anyway, Palm has a long way to go before their really in trouble. They've got solid brand name recognition, and they've got a great device. Of course they can screw that up just as easy as any other company, but as long as they regularly produce devices like the Centro (which, I might remind you, was hugely popular despite the ancient OS) they will continue to do well.

    I don't think Palm's stock is going to explode, but as the market continues to grow Palm has the opportunity to do well. Even with Android if Palm continues with a steady release of solid well-liked devices, they will do well. That's a big IF at this point, but Palm has a pretty solid launching pad with the Centro, if they choose to take advantage of it.

    Of course they could just as easily do a faceplant into the dirt.
    Problem with centro is that it is not bringing in the cash flow... I can sell 1 billion widgets, but if I only break even on each one, then my profit is 0. If they keep producing products like the centro, they are in trouble. lol

    I wonder how many people buy the centro due to cost only... no real brand loyalty... but it is to be seen.... see how many people upgrade to a palm treo....

    And unfortunately, the market is growing, but new and old phone makers are getting more into the mix that palm (almost) created... moto, samsung, nokia, apple, htc, etc.... the competition is brutal... moto can afford to sell a smartphone at a loss longer than palm can. Palm looks to be a one-trick pony. Palm needs more phones... maybe some regular phones... push to talk phones.... More products to balance things out.
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    Interesting points.

    Nonetheless, I still think Palm Inc. is a good *short term* investment. I have no clue why the sudden pre-launch change to "sell."

    The 800 (and far more so the 850) appear to be solid, competitive devices, and Nova is already much anticipated. There're timing issues, for sure. I think a lot *is* contingent on when Android gets to market, but I agree there's plenty of room currently.

    The possibility of a faceplant long term is big. But as I said; short term, I think there's more than enough hype on top of a well-known name with a loyal user base to bump the stock. My bet is the $5-6/share for Palm will net you a better return in the next 6-8 months than the $500+/share Google inc. stock. Should you sell the farm and let it all ride on Palm? Of course not.
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