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    I hope this is the correct area for this...

    Has anyone out there tried this type of remote support for the Treo yet?

    LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile supports any device running Windows Mobile 5 and 6 simulated devices for Technician benefit include:
    Palm Treo 700 w/wx
    Palm Treo 750 (GSM version)
    Moto Q and Moto Q9
    Samsung BlackJack
    Also available for preview are devices running Symbian S60 - simulated devices for Technician benefit include:
    Nokia E61 and E61i
    Nokia N95

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    you might also check out the Enterprise product that Soti has - - and make sure you check out their support product called MoboControl. Most awesome...

    (not the personal Pocket Controller product, which itself is nice but not what you're after).

    Good luck!

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