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    Hey Guys,
    I do have couple of questions about treo 750. I am loving the device. It is great. But the battery life is not that great especially if you are going on a long trip and say use google maps to find your way. You definitely need more power. So I bought the palm charger and an extra battery.

    My question is basically that is it ok to change the battery often? There is no way to turn the treo OFF completely before taking out the battery. Would it damage the phone if I simply change the battery as I need it?

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    I'm not sure what you're doing - I can get 2-3 days, at least, out of a charge, with moderate use. WM6 helps battery life.

    You can swap the battery as often as you like - nothing will be hurt.
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    The batteries are designed to be swapped out so no problems at all.

    But if you are traveling I assume you are in a car so why not just plug in a car charger?

    If you don't need the 3G speed disable that and the batter life will be much better. Mapping software will be fine either way after the intial page loads.
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    Thanks for the replies guys,

    You are right, eventually I should get a car charger.

    But I do not think I can go back to EDGE after tasting the blazing 3G :P

    The only reason I was asking this was just like with computers, improper shut down effects on the file system/memory on desktops. Corrupt files etc. I guess it is not something a hard reset could not solve if that happens.
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    As long as you're not swapping the battery while in the middle of saving something, there should be no problem.

    Another option for the car charger: Get a cigarette lighter USB power adapter. Then you can use your regular sync cable as a car charger. In my case it also gives me a way to charge my BT headset (which uses a USB cable as well).

    Also works for ipod, etc etc...
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I did not know they made those. That will bring down the number of different car chargers down to 1... I will definitely look in to it.
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    Here's an example for $6.99.

    (I'm not advocating any particular unit, that's just the first thing google provided for an example.)
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    They are cheap as well . Thanks for the link.

    While checking out the site you referenced, I saw this nifty and retro phone accessory.. It is really cool. It would be fun to carry around just to see how people reacts to it

    Check out this link

    Amazing what these people do

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