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    Working on a phone that is completely and utterly frozen. Soft reset, hard reset. . . nothing makes a difference.

    It is stuck on the white screen with Treo in the center, there are also some numbers on top:
    4.12 (In Blue)
    4.12.00 (In Red)

    I am thinking that the user tried to do an update or DST related procedure and did it all wrong. I am leaning to it being a dead phone but thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone had a suggestion.


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    Sounds like it is Sprint your working on???

    I am not sure how they do their updates (I am with VZW), but it sounds like they tried a ROM update, and 'bricked' it. If you can, I would go to the Sprint site, and find where they post the updates, and see if you can try to do a fresh one yourself. I had a similar screen happen to me doing a VZW update, and I just started over, and it came through fine the second time.

    Sorry I can't get more specific/definitive, but hopefully that will work for you!!!! Good luck!!
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    It is actually VZW.

    There is no doing anything with the phone. . . .

    No matter what I have tried, it comes up with that page and only that page. No getting away from that page. Had the battery out overnight, as soon as it made contact - BAM - same screen, like it is burned into the screen LOL.

    Anyone need a Treo paperweight?
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    Ouch...that is rough...sorry to hear it, I hope you didn't invest too much in your 'paper weight'!!! You may be able to sell it for parts though...get SOMETHING out of it. Right off the bat you have a full body replacement, working (you hope) screen, a battery, and cords....
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    Thanks! Spare parts are always a good thing to have around. It may look like a worthless paper weight but in fact, it is a gold mine in small parts and trinkets.
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    Here's a suggestion, go to the verizon store and tell them you were trying to do the latest update and this is the result of the update. Ask to switch out the phone because this is their fault due to the update.
    Verizon 700W(it sucks)

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