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    is there way any of you owners of this phone can send me the alarm triangle sound/text message tone to me? i have a mogul but i want that specific ringtone for when i receive text messages but i dont have a treo anymore... if theres any way somebody could send that to me that would be great...
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    There you go, straight from my Treo...
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    thank you but thats the one from the treo 650. im looking for the one from the treo 700wx. the alarm triangle sound from the 700wx has a louder and more crisp sound to it if anybody could help me into getting it that would be great
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    No, it's straight from the Windows folder of my 700wx, I guarantee you.

    It just sounds different on computer speakers. Did you try loading it on your mogul?
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    yeah when i loaded it onto the mogul, part of the tone is cut out and it doesnt sound very crisp
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    is it a possibility that it loses its quality when u copy it out of your phone? i used to love that tone when i had a treo because it was loud. i've been having the hardest time trying to find it from somebody until you wrote back
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    No, I just tested that right now by renaming the file and adding it on my 700wx as a new sound file. It is the exact same sound.

    Perhaps zipping the file changed something?

    In any case, I have to zip it in order to upload it, but if you PM me your e-mail address, I can send it to you straight from the Treo via pocket outlook, no transferring via active sync, no compressing.
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    is there any way you could send the actual message through a text message its still not working right
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    I just beamed (bluetoothed) the Alarm Triangle.mid directly from my Treo 700wx to this MAC (no zipping or anything) - It sounds exactly like the 650 file does (downloaded online or from attachment above).
    I verified that the file sounds exactly the same as the one I found online listed as from the 650. I also verified that the file size is the exact same as the file I beamed directly from my Treo 700wx.

    There is a difference in the sound for sure (from computer to Treo) - So I am guessing it will probably not sound the same on your phone.

    However; the file, is in fact, the same. Sorry I don't have better news for you.

    You can also get all of the Treo's default sounds by downloading a file from the website below to your computer and transferring the sounds to your phone:,439.html
    Click on ZIP FILE. Connect new phone to the computer and transfer MIDI files.

    Whether or not it sounds the same on your new phone is something else.

    ... Another plus is that you don't have to give out your phone number and people won't have to give you theirs.
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    We actually figured it out via e-mail. The sound is weak on the computer and the mogul (according to tallglasowater) compared to the treo. But turning it into a .wav file and cranking up the decibels via a sound editing program seemed to do the trick.

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