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    Hi all,
    This one has me stumped. For the past few weeks, every time I soft reset my Treo the thing will keep vibrating and playing the boot-up beep. Sometimes this can go on for several hours, one time it continued this process for 12 hours, all at random intervals before it decides to finally stop doing what it is doing. Once it finally stops, then everything is cool. The unit works fine, reminders, voice mails, text messages all will alert properly, but if I have to reset for any reason, the game begins anew. I have hard reset the unit, re-installed all of my applications, and within a few days of use, it's back. I also have used both memmaid, and pocket mechanic to go through the notification queue, cleaned the registry, cleaned the file system, everything that I can possibly think of. I was able to successfully stop this only once by deleting the entire notification queue, but the result of that was that the Treo no longer beeped and buzzed on reset, but I could not use activesync. I had to hard reset and reload again. I am ready to stomp on this phone and give up on the Treo completely. Any ideas where to look next?
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    I have the SAME problem after Sprint updated my phone during a *2 call. Looking for a fix. They said soft then hard reset...I'm not hard resetting it.

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