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    My appointments are showing up an hour early on my VZW 700wx. They show up fine in my Exchange Microsoft Outlook (on three different PC's & the web version). Only on the treo its messed up. My time was automatically updated though. I have the 1.22-vzw update (which I think already has the DST patch).

    When I entered a 7:30pm appointment tonight on my Treo, it showed up as 8:30 in my Desktop copy of outlook.

    Any ideas?

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    I'm thinking you have the daylight savings thing going on like the thread right under yours. Take a look here, This may be of interest to you:

    Good luck, I know how frustrating it gets (went through it last fall)!!!
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    Should the 1.22 update contain the DST update itself?
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    I really don't know, I don't think so though!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichTJ99 View Post
    Should the 1.22 update contain the DST update itself?
    I got an email telling me so from Palm and Microsoft (I joined their mobility forums and email service this summer past) when we fell back. I think once you run the patch on _1.22 it becomes part of the ROM on any hard resets.

    That's my exeprience.
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    Mine is doing the exact same thing so please make sure you post when yours is fixed... I have the latest sprint update on mine...

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    Check out my reply in this thread. See if it applies.


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