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    How many of you guys use Vision, compared to a wifi card?

    Are there any other solutions out there that would give me access without going for the Vision on my 700wx?
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    I use Vision 24/7 and do not bother about WiFi anymore. I even remember going out to buy a Spectec SD WiFi card for my 700Wx when i first got it and guess what, i don't even know where in my desk the WiFi card is ecause i never use it.
    EVDO is everywhere i am, is very fast and negates the need to be hunting for a free WiFi spot and fumbling with connection errors.
    Even on my campus with free WiFi, there are times when the connection does not work well and keeps knocking you off. When that happens, i usually tether my 700Wx to my MBP via BT and i am good, while everyone else is furiously wondering why this one dude seems to be connected to the internet and they're not.

    Don't be cheap. Vision for $15 is the best deal on mobile data of all U.S carriers and it EVDO speeds. For comparison's sake, my friend on T-Mobile pays $20 for data and it's just EDGE speeds (to some it's okay..i guess).
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    Verizon $15 data plan? Is that available on our PDA's? The only data plan I found was around $50 a month... wth?
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    Who mentioned anything about a Verizon $15 data plan ???
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    Vision, not Verizon...this is Sprint!

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