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    Dear Wise Ones:

    I recently purchased a 700wx AND a 700p to try them out. I'm going to send one back. Right now, the 700wx is winning, but I need your advice.

    These are the things that are important to me. Maybe those of you in this forum can suggest some programs/tweaks to solve my problems:

    1. I need my Yahoo calendar, period. I've got Plaxo - pretty weak. Tried to sync with Palm on the 700p - numerous duplicates. At least I can download Yahoo mobile on the wx and see my calendar that way. Any suggestions?

    2. I can't hear the damned Treo half of the time! Any good programs for Windows Mobile to handle repeating alarms, increase overall volume and get some better ringtones? I want to be notified of missed calls & text messages until I acknowledge.

    3. I've got SPB Mobile Shell and I love it. Any other must have programs, games or utilities for the wx?

    I'm depending on all of you Treo lovers to weigh in. Would also love to know if you like the 700p better and why. I think the interface is primitive and web browsing is limited, but there seem to be a lot more and better programs available for the Palm OS.

    All suggestions are welcome - please be kind!
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    A good program for phone management is SPB Phone Suite. It allows you to create different profiles for your phone and will notify you of missed SMS messages and phone calls until you acknowledge them, among other things.

    Besides Mobile Shell (which was just released in v 2.0), I also use SPB PocketPlus, which allows you to organize your Today screen with tabs, provides tabbed browsing/fingertip scrolling in pIE, supports .zip files (both zipping and unzipping), provides a regedit function, and actually closes programs when you 'X' out of them, instead of minimizing them, causing them to suck up memory. Another must have to prevent disaster is some sort of back up program, either SPB Backup or Sprite. SPB backs up to your SD card, creating self extracting files that can later be run to restore your system if a hard reset becomes necessary. I use Memmaid as my system maintainance tool and Spybot S&D for malware protection.

    These are just some programs that are necessities in my book. Other folks will likely have more suggestions.

    Here's my complete layout

    Treo 700WX with:

    SPB Mobile Shell
    SPB Phone Suite
    SPB Backup
    Tillanosoft Small Menu Plus
    Tasks Plus
    Spybot S&D Mobile edition
    Viigo (RSS reader)
    SI Mobile
    WSJ Mobile

    This is my first PPC, having been a long time resident of the BlackBerry world and can say that I'm completely won over by Windows Mobile, particularly for the touch screen environment and the ability of WM to multi task.

    That's my $.02.....
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    I have:

    Resco registry
    Resco Today Plugin
    Hannip's Bluetooth cab
    Point UI Home
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    Love your treo, just dont love your treo!
    I aint nobody, dork!
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    Games for the wx? Get a snes emulator, the one I use is morphgear, then you can play any SNES game on your 700WX.

    Other programs I use that you might find useful too:
    Pocket informant (calendar app)
    Flexmail (push email)
    Ultimate Launch (absolutely great!)
    SPB pocket plus (in my main UL tab)
    Weather Panel
    Webmessenger & Palringo for IM
    Opera mini
    Slide2Play by A_C
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    pick up ANY other phone and go through it... u will realize how much you love your Treo..
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    I've been using Treo 700WX about a year and would never go back to Palm OS. Would consider Blackberry before doing that. When its working it is great but can be a little fickle at times and need a soft reset. I don't try to load mine up with too many 3rd party programs. I only use Google Maps and eWallet. IF you install Google Maps, I found it better to install to storage card instead of main memory.
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    Thanks to all of you! I really appreciate the help and the opinions. I'm keeping the wx and taking your advice.

    If anyone figures out a good way to sync with Yahoo calendar, please, please let me know!

    Thanks again!
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    I found Sbp Time to be a great alarm. You can setup an escalating alarm, normal volume, or full volume. You also have the option to have the device vibrate as well. The alarm volumes do not matter what the device volume is, with the exception of the switch.

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