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    i've heard of it happening but didn't think it would be me...

    sent a text out and it attached the beginning of an old email to it. and then sent 4 more texts out to the same person with the rest of the original email.

    how does this happen and think god it wasnt any other emails sent, id have been in trouble...

    is there any way to avoid this in the future ?

    the emails were thru outlook where i dont keep any copies or any trace of them. this is using my local ISP and verizon

    PLEASE HELP, this is scary
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    anyone got any ideas how to stop this ?
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    Spacebar, I have had exactly the same issue happen on two separate occasions and am likewise very concerned. Sure hope someone has some ideas on how to prevent this.
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    i think mine's gonna get tossed in a lake this weekend. seriously considering a BB
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    I've never had that happen, but I have used Palm's threaded SMS the majority of my time with the 700wx. Perhaps that will help?
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    looks like im STUCK with my 700wx, BB cant edit excel files. but i did hear docs to go is about ready to release a product for this very soon. so until that happens i gotta keep the POS

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