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    I have a friend who has had a Treo 750 since they came out on AT&T (or I think it was cingular back that). He uses it with an exchange server & the phone works OK most of the time. He is not a power user & just wants it to "work".

    He came from a Treo 650 that was more reliable than the 750.

    There are only three non standard programs (SPB Backup, Resco Explorer & the HideLogo file). The unit is reset daily during the backup.

    He is using WM5 as the WM6 upgrade had some issues:

    WM6 issues:
    BT worse (so he says)
    Exchange activesync kept reseting resulting in a hard reset each time (restored backups would not allow a sucessful activesysnc).

    So, we RMA'ed the phone & it came back with WM5.

    WM5 issues:

    Storage card goes missing, phone memory fills up, phone needs Storage Card to be deleted (as its on the internal memory). Memory card renamed to Storage Card2.
    Bluetooth only works part time
    Phone Freezes
    Battery life

    He wants to get something else that will work, & work every time.

    What are a few good options (personally I think the Treo is the way to go, but he is done with it)?

    I love my 700wx but I admit there is a bit of work to keep it running smoothly.

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    Well, I cannot speak for everyone else but my 700wx has had very few of the problems you just listed, I think the battery life is great as long as you have a signal. I had the storage card issue where it named it StorageCard2 but I don't have a problem with it. I have a hack for my bluetooth and it hasnot dropped yet...My phone only freezes up because I had so much crap on it, after a hard reset, it works great with no freezes.

    With that said, I just posted that I have lost my email for an unknown reason......

    All in all, a great phone that I get a lot of productivity from compared to the amount of headache it gives me.
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    I agree that my 700wx runs great but he has a 750. The 750 has that mini sd card that always get bumped out (on his first & two refurb 750's). I dont think its a big deal, but he is emotionally "done" with the phone, so I am looking for a replacement for his Treo 750.


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