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    Ok I know it's been brought up here and I did not have luck finding the solution through the search so here goes again:

    19 times out of 20- a plug into any of my 3 laptop USB ports will render the dreaded "USB does not recognize device..." error. 1 time out of 20 it will actually sync!

    ANYONE out there with a heart and some knowledge on this- please link me to an appropriate solution thread or fire an answer up on this one.

    Your prize will follow via US Mail.

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    Have you tried going to Start>Settings> Connections>USB to PC and disabled Enable advanced network functionality ?

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    Can't seem to find that option on the 700.. when I go into Start>Settings>Connections and - the choices are Beam,Bluetooth,Connections,Network Cards and Wireless Mgr,,

    I go into Connections again and it brings up the two areas of MY ISP or MY WORK NETWORK- Could not find the USB to PC option...
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    You probably just have a cable with a loose connection. Borrow a buddies cable to see if it is the problem or call palm and tell them that your cable is bad.
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    Dirty connector on phone. Try blowing on it first.
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    I agree with this. If blowing doesn't work, try scraping each of the metal contacts within the connector socket on the bottom of the phone with a wood toothpick. Soaking the end of the toothpick in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds first can help dissolve/remove the crud that insulates the connectors over time. Oxidation can also cause the problem and will also be remedied by this. I have needed to do this twice on my treos.

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    Dirty connector on phone. Try blowing on it first.
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    try this either off of the ( I think that's the url) or you can download thee drivers for your device.... yes I know you don't need too but sometimes this fixes the issue.

    also I think surur was talkn about the settings on your pc in active sync

    let me know if this helps
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    The PC always says device not recognized when the cable dosent make contact. I took a poll one time and found out that 69 percent of uses loose contact and think that the connectors are junk.
    It helps sometimes to wiggle it in there a bit or trying to hold it tight to one direction or another,,,,, on the treo side,,,,,,, that's the part of the cable that craps out.
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    If the problem is not in your computer nor cable nor connection, I can only imagine one other component that might have the problem.

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