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    Will the wx play music on the new Jabra BT8040 or similar headsets? It is said to be A2DP compliant, allowing music to play. I have installed Hannips program that allows the wx to stream to a bluetooth stereo headset and it works perfect so it makes sense that the new A2DP mono heasets would work just fine but is there anyone here who has tried it?

    Heres the BT8040
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    It worked on my 8010 so I am sure it will work on the 8040. Just bought the 8040 for my Centro and its working great
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    My dad just got one and uses it with his 700P. I listened to it and it works great. I am not a fan of listening to stereo music in mono, but it would be great for audio books, TV, and streaming Internet. Sounds great as a bt headset on the phone too. And it is very small and fits very well in the ear.
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    The reason I'm suspicious about it working is that I tried BTAudioToggle and also SuperDave's programs to stream music to my jawbone and it didn't work. I worked just fine on my Kaiser, Titan and treo 750. So I was worried that this also wouldn't work on the Treo WX.
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    So the question is still unanswered. Will these new A2DP bluetooth headsets finally allow music on the Treo 700wx to play in a mono?

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