Can anyone relate their experiences moving from Sprint to AT&T?

I have a 700wx, which I love, but it is nearing the end. Or at least it is ready for some TLC (or a replacement) from a Sprint Tech. My contract with Sprint is up in the beginning of April. My wife couldn;t stand Sprint service around here and switched to Cingular, and paid the early termination fee. She loves AT&T service, but she only makes calls and texts.

I love my unlimited $15 data plan from Sprint, but I dont love their limited smartphone offerings. I tried a Mogul and hated it. I want to hold on until the 800w comes out, but I cant wait much longer.

What are your experiences with AT&T data speed (I am a modest power user) and what type of prices do you pay for unlimited data? (I live in a pretty populated area Allentown, Pa, north of Philly.)

Any gripes at all?

Are you happy as hell?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is in the wrong section.