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    I've recently changed employers and I need to know how to kill off the activesync on my 700. It keeps wanting to sync but the account has been discontinued. This thing just won't quit though. It keeps wanting a new password.
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    take the back cover off of the phone press the rest button and the red down button at the sametime... lol j/k if its connecting to an email account i think you can go to email tools option highlight the account you dont want hold the styles on it you will get a pop up and choose delete. Is this what your referring to?
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    You would think that would be the obvious way, but dog-gone it the account does not appear on the list of accounts when I go to messaging, menu, tools, options and look at the list. There's nothing there for this account. There are others that I manage on this phone from AOL but not the ActiveSync one...
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    two methods that I can think of:

    1) this has worked on the 6700, should work here - open activesync and create a sync server (not a real server, make something up). Then change the settings to only update manually. Delete the server and it should stay. I never had lots of luck originally with this, but I've been using exchange email for a while now, so need it running

    2) Quick Menu It has an option to kill activesync. I imagine it works well, but I don't use it. It also has a lot of other benefits as a program. I have used it for quite some time myself...
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    OK, I got it. Duh. First you have to disconnect it to make it stop attempting to sync and asking for the dang password. After you get it's attention, then you can go to the menu and select options. It shows you the exchange server and the list of folders which you can select for syncing. All you have to do is highlight the server it self and press the "Delete" key. Yep, that does it. thanks all.

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