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    My Treoo 700wx's screen broke and I just got another 700wx to replace it.

    I am wondering how I can move all of the software and data without having to reinstall it all?

    I tried to backup using SunnySoft onto an SD card, and then moving the SD card to the new phone and restoring from it.

    It didn't work, the app says it could read the restore data.

    Please share any thoughts you have about how this can be done.

    Thank you much!

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    I know Sprite Backup will, but if going to a new device, I would STRONGLY suggest ONLY restoring data and NOT programs. I used Sprite to restore to a new 700wx and had no problems with the data.
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    i would sync it using active sync i do this at the store sometimes but only on palms never tried it using a wm works perfectly
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