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    I am a long time treo user, I have had the 650 and the 700wx, I liked my 700wx, however the other day I was shopping in the mall and the Mogul 6800 caught my eye and i remembered how a buddy of mine praised his 6700 so I bought me a shiny new 6800 from the sprint kiosk.

    Like alot of you guys I am a constant tinkerer, I have to mod everything to some degree, be it cars, stereo systems, computers, Phones, gaming consoles, ect..

    On my Treo 700wx I had a few apps, (sms threader, resco, treoalert pro) I immediately tried to make my titan function like my treo, I thought to be a simple process, the OS is virtually the same, or so I thought.

    I installed resco successfully, and installed, SMS Threader for wm6, and then I thought I was on the right track, then I noticed some bugs when using SMS Threader, Sometimes when I wake my titan up via the side power key, the screen will be in landscape mode with the keyboard in, and I have to touch the screen or a button or open and close the slide for it to switch back, and the "No unread messages" line sometimes doesn't catch that I have a SMS Msg especiallly if I also have a missed call.

    I installed Treo Alert Pro The latest release and it was totally useless on my titan, I loved that app on my 700wx, but it was only about 40% functional on my 6800. I think the dual multi colored LED lights on the 6800 threw the apps design off.

    I love all these apps, but they were written for the 700wx in most cases and the DEV's try to "tweak" them to function on other phones, but in the end they end up being buggy. I fully support the DEVS of these apps. I am not trying to down there work and efforts, I do throw some donations to them when I can. I thank them for all they do, ( Hannip, CodyPPC, sling, YOU GUYS ARE PURE GENIUS)man theres a ton of people out there writing script. I just dont want to sound unappreciative I just want to bring it to their attention so maybe we can get a fix, if i'm not the only one having issues.

    Maybe I am the only one having issues, I don't get a chance to read on here as much anymore as i used to with working alot of overtime and a 2 year old that demands constant attention. I hope this didn't come across as a nagging *****-fest, I was trying to just get some feedback on all these issues, and try to get them worked out.

    v UPDATE! v

    I managed to get Treo alerts to somewhat cooperate with me, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it 3 more times and configured it every different way I could thin of and finally I have everything but to options working, the app will not alert me if the phone is asleep thats still a huge problem, kinda deems the app pointless in that state, and the led alerts don't work I have decided to live with that issue, because I can use the Led reminded built in to wm6 via Sound & Notifications, its not what I want but the LED on a 6800 only blinks in orange and green on the right side and the other led blinks only blue I beleive, and TA8 doesn't control either in my case.
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    uuummmm.... not to be rude but what are you trying to do to your mogule?

    here is a link for reg edits

    here is a link for apps to run on it

    run a search for clear temp thats all i did to my mogule.. need anything else?
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