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    With WM5 I gave up getting the Treo to sync to the VAIO. Installed WM6, and presto, sync! That was yesterday. Now, sameo sameo. WMDC says "not connected" on the splash, but says "connected" on the "Connection settings" dialog; Treo says "connected." But not action. Can tap on "Sync" and noting happens. All this is via USB; I'm gonna wait until this thing is more solid before fooling around with BT.
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    Mike Caldwell
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    Went through several tech support people, and they never asked this: connected to the notebook using Remote Desktop? If so, Treo will not connect. I usually run my notebook from my desktop using RD. When I killed the session and operated the notebook directly, no problem (with USB; BT still not working).
    Mike Caldwell

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