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    i was installing the vzw 1.22 update to my treo when it lost connection, i followed the steps to reconnect it and it seemed to be working when all of a sudden it got a fatal error on the update and shut down now i cannot get it to boot up at all! the only screen i get is the treo logo and 4.12 or something like that on the phone. I called palm and since i purchased the phone used they want 200 bucks to fix it! i'm ticked right now but does anyone know how to fix it? is there a bootloader mode that i can force it into like on the xv6700 that i have by pushing a sequence of buttons? any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Can you do a hard reset and start over?

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    yes the hard reset does not work. any other ideas?
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    if its with sprint you can take it to a service center just tell them its stopped working if its insured you will get a new one in 3 to 4 days or if its a full service center right there on the spot. If you have verzion do the same thing but not sure how verzion does things i just have a friend that hooks me up.

    then just try it again on the new treo
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