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    I am a longtime Treo user, but brand new to the 750 running WM6.0. I have noticed with the 750 that when I initiate a call and use the keypad during the call to interact with the other end (for controlling voicemail, voice response units, etc) that the keypad tone comes out very loudly from the rear speaker vs. in the earpiece. It is as if I am in speakerphone mode, but I'm not. I cannot seem to turn the volume down on the tones except for turning them off completely.

    When I called Palm they told me that's the way it is designed. I find that hard to believe. Is that right? For my old 700w and past Palm phones when keypad buttons are pushed during a call, the tones sound in the earpiece - not loudly out the speaker.

    Wondering if I have a defective phone or everyone's phone is that way. Thanks for your input.
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    It is normal behavior for the tone to be through the device speaker (in back).

    I verified this by checking voicemail.

    It may be loud due to speaker settings and/or "Sounds & Notifications" settings in the "Settings" Menu.

    It makes sense for you to be able to audibly hear the key presses so you know that your input registered into the phone. It doesn't make much sense to have the audio feedback in the ear piece, that is of course unless you have a bluetooth or wired headset on.


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