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    On a Treo 700wx. I've used hannip's multiswitch that turns keylights on and off and switch folders in tmail, however since i don't care that much about chaning folders in tmail, i changed it to skip tracks in wmp. I also want it to SendCR key on my camera app so that i can take pictures using the same button, but not sure how to do it. This is the code i have so far...

    current = ActiveProcess ()

    If ( current eq "wmplayer.exe" ) activeWin = ActiveWindow() SendRight

    Else Run ("\Storage Card\Treo Keylight.mscr")

    I've never done scripting before so I'm not sure what command to use I tried reading and thought and ElseIf would work, but it hasn't. Another thing is that I can't make the script recognize the camera app. I've tried pimg.exe and pimg.exe -camerakey

    If anybody can help me out that would be great.



    Got it working. ElseIf does work, but i was using an older version of mortscript that didn't recognize that command.
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