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    Any suggestions for the best mobile browser?
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    Netfront is my favorite
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    Without a doubt...Opera Mini
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    I favor Opera Mini.
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    +1 for Opera Mini

    None are great, but OM is the closest
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    For one-handed use PIE is not bad at all. Netfront 3.5 is pretty fast, and Ajax works mostly. Opera Mobile 9.5 beta is shaping up to be the best for rendering and general navigation, but one-handed usage is poor.

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    Opera Mobile 9.5 may eventually prove to be the best, but right now, Opera Mini steals the show. It's the ONLY browser I've ever used that always provides speedy and compatible results.

    The best part is that it runs under a JVM, so that if I end up using a different OS in 2 months, there's a good chance it will work. There are numerous hacks that allow for it to be used as the default browser.

    In all respects, it just works. The only thing I use PIE for nowadays is to launch YouTube videos.
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    I have used Opera Mini but it seems like it loads pretty slow... Is there a trick to speed it up? Currently I am using PIEPlus.
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    Opera Mini in 'Mobile View'
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    What I didn't like about Opera Mini, was that I frequently use PIE to check radars and Opera Mini wouldn't display animated gifs. Is there a setting I'm missing.
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    I just loaded Mini and use radar a lot for boating. I couldn't get radar to work either, thought it was the browser.
    Either both of us are missing it or it doesn't work.
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    I ran the Acid 2 test, and while no browser managed to reproduce the reference image, with IE 7 being the worst, followed by Firefox, Safari Mobile was not perfect, and Opera Mobile 9.5 beta was the closest of them all.

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    Have been playing w/ OM 4.1 beta. Love the navigation and speed moving around. Actual download of pages doesn't seem any faster than IE. Only gripe is that certain web controls don't work drop boxes don't display or work correctly. It seems to work on a greater variety of pages than IE.

    I tried Opera Mobile 8.65. Didn't see any benefit to using that at all. Where can I get a download of 9.5? Opera's blog says the version floating around is harzadous...pre Alpha.

    I'm on the beta 2 list for skyfire, and will give netfron a shot.

    Ideally I'd love to have one browser that works on pretty much all web pages. My company has a lot of web apps that just don't seem to render or work correctly on the mobile browsers I've tried.

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    is there anyway to get opera mini working on Verizon?
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    It works great on Verizon. Follow the instructions here.
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    for some reason i cant download anything from xda developers
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    Anybody received a text msg recently?

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